Lay People

"We, as lay people in the world,

by our vocational choice,

are aware of collaborating in the work

of the creator and redeemer God"



Consecrated People

"As called and consecrated to God

for a more profoundly evangelical life,

we put Christ at the center of our existence,

recognizing his absolute primacy"




"Salesianity characterizes

our secular consecration"



  • ... we, as lay people, are aware of our baptismal consecration. To respond to a special call, we radicalize this consecration, through the profession of evangelical counsels, and commit ourselves to live, as Christ, a chaste, poor and obedient love.

  • We do not separate ourselves from the world, our environment, work, family, but we do this in order to bring to these places the fullness of our radical choice of love. We live the vocation of consecrated lay people in the Salesian spirit of Don Bosco.

    We discover God and contemplate him in the face of every man. We pay particular attention to the young people, especially the poorest and abandoned ones, to the vocations and missions.

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Lay people, Consacrated people, Salesians